Oncology and cancer

Graduatecentral.com is a strategic development laid down to explore the scientific knowledge through a common platform, known as “open peer review process”. It is an inbuilt process where the publication follows open peer reviewing. This novel approach allows inherent networking around the globe, serving as a strong platform for graduates to work, share and contribute their ideas and suggestions in short span of time.

Graduate central follows a streamlined work flow. The accepted manuscripts, after the quality check will be immediately published online for “open peer review” process. Open peer review process serves as a common floor for all the experts to share their views about the reports, which in turn improves the quality of the report to meet their standards. This organized format smoothen the work flow and reduces the time taken for review and publication of the report.

Graduates of Oncology and Cancer Therapeutics discipline are encouraged to participate, and contribute their novel ideas or reports through a common networking platform. This division includes cancer, mutagenesis, oncogenes, tumor biology, Carcinogenesis, leukemia, chemotherapy. Graduates are encouraged to grab and utilize the opportunity to publish their project reports or commentaries. Published reports are available for open discussion, where the expert guidance and comments enrich the quality of the report.

Experts and editorial board member of OMICS journals would be responsible in scrutinizing and analyzing the published reports and 5 outstanding graduate contributors would get the excellent opportunity to attend any OMICS Group Conferences providing with travel allowance.

OMICS Group is an open access publisher that publishes over 500 peer reviewed journals and organizes over 300 scientific conferences globally. With a strong team of 30,000 Editorial Board Members, OMICS Group journals attract over 3 million readers. OMICS Group entered into alliance with 1000 international scientific societies across the world. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering with leading personalities in respective fields.

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