Nursing and Healthcare

Graduatecentral.com is an important educational platform which provides graduates access to the newest trends and research outlooks. Graduate Central functions graduate-ambitious publishing model and graduates have complete authority to publish their reports. Open peer review takes place openly after publication and graduates will respond for referees who suggested modifications in the reports.

Open Peer review system whereby expert commentaries are solicited on published reports and the graduates are encouraged to respond. There is no chief editor to make decision on whether to accept or reject the report. Graduate Central open peer review reports will monitor by OMICS International Editors which is having large group of leading experts across Nursing and Health Care; they will provide advises on issues arising with specific reports. Initially all the reports will check by in-house editorial team that each submission is appropriate in terms of content, Quality and Format. Later it moves for publication and archiving in website. In next level referees are formally invited by Nursing & Health Care editorial team. They are selected based upon their expertise, recommendations from the Editorial Board of OMICS Group Nursing and Health Care Journals, and suggestions by graduates. Referees will commenting on the paper and based upon the referees comments graduates will respond. 

Nursing and Health Care group follows open peer review system for publication. Nursing and Health Care group of Graduate Central are the professional, contemporary journals serving the educational and communication needs of home care and hospice nurses. These Journals are highly interactive and timely, focusing on the multidimensional, interdisciplinary and specialty practice areas of home care nursing. Nursing and Health Care of Graduatecentral.com covers research areas broadly in Nursing and Health Care. Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to Nursing Practice, Nursing Education, Nursing Management, and Healthcare.

Open Peer Review articles of Graduate Central was assessed by the editorial board member of the related OMICS journals and the best authors will be invited to participation in the related OMICS conferences with free registration along with travel allowances.

OMICS Group is a pioneer publisher running over 500+ cutting-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organized over 300+ scientific conferences all over the world. Scientific information through OMICS Group journals attracted over 3 million readers and 30,000 excellent scholars participating as editorial and reviewer board members. OMICS Group is also having alliance with numerous international scientific societies across the world. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering spearheading personalities in the scientific events.

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