Neurology & Psychiatry

The traditional peer review protocol demands lots of patience from the researchers to publish their outstanding efforts. Excellent efforts done by the research scholars do not require waiting longer for publication anymore. Graduate Central is a pioneer initiative to provide the best platform for publishing and discussion of scientific literature and data in an open access manner. Continuous open review process will contribute towards the improvement of the articles.  Graduate central is initiated especially for graduates who are not able to publish their good concepts, reports and ideas because of restricted resources. Graduate central immediately publishes all reports with Open Peer Review model. In Open Peer Review model the published articles will be reviewed by experts related to the work. Graduate central helps them to publish their work very fast and transparent.

The present Open Access model is time consuming and Graduates make much of the fact that their work is scrutinised anonymously by some of their peers before it published. In Open Peer Review model the Graduates knows who reviewed his work. The reports are checked by in-house team for plagiarism, quality and format. In next level it will be published and archived in Graduate central website. Graduate central team will invite experts in relevant field, suggested referees from Editorial Board. Referees will give their inputs and Graduates will respond respectively.

Articles are monitored by Neurology and Psychiatry group editorial board, in cases where the editor suspects serious research misconduct, by appropriate third parties. The best 5 Graduates in overall will be allowed to participate in the related OMICS group Conferences along with travel allowance. This would enhance the scholar’s ability to represent their fruitful work and efforts to the rest of the world.

OMICS Group is a global leading publisher hosting over 500 +  leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organized over 300+ scientific conferences across the world with support from 1000 more scientific societies. Attracting over 3 million readers and 30,000 sound scholars as editorial and reviewer board members established OMICS as the leading publishing group. OMICS Group is associated with several international scientific societies across the world. OMICS Group Conferences provide the perfect platform for global networking and assembling eminent personalities in the scientific events.

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