Immunology and microbiology Group

The present peer review process is cumbersome and time consuming. Awaiting long delays in the timely publication of recent research topics hinders the growth of the researchers. Graduatecentral.com is a novel initiative from OMICS Publishing Group, offering immediate publication of research outcomes from graduates all over the world. Open peer review process takes place after the publication, where eminent experts share their views on the article.

Open Access Journals aided the global research community by providing unrestricted access to the important and valuable research results to everyone, reaching every researcher, policy maker, student, and faculty member in all corners of the globe. Open peer review system is going to accelerate the process of publication tremendously in a timely manner as the review process follows after the publication of the article. Multiple, unrestricted opinions from the expert reviewers improve the quality of the manuscript, minimizing the bias in the existing peer review process.

The immunology and microbiology section of the Graduatecentral.com is aiming to speed up the publication of research articles in the relevant areas by ┬ácovering topics like cellular, humoral immunology, immunome research, vaccination and vaccine development, pathogens and related immunological responses, autoimmune diseases, clinical aspects of immunology, rheumatology will be broadly considered under immunology. Alongside fermentation technology, bacterial and parasitic infections including Mycobacterium, Plasmodium, Borrelia  etc.  and their epidemiological, molecular and clinical issues, viral diseases with special emphasize on the recent outbreaks including Dengue, Influenza, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile and other vector borne or unknown vector borne diseases will be considered under the microbiology subject division. Quick publication and open discussion enhances the quality of the information dissemination of a specific topic. Sole responsibility of the content of a manuscript will be with the respective authors. The rapid and editorial bias free publishing system will aid the readers to access and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the society.

Each and every contribution will be initially assessed by the editorial board member of the related OMICS journals and the best 5 authors in will be allowed to participate in the related OMICS Group Conferences with travel allowance.

OMICS Group is a pioneering publisher running over 500+ cutting-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organized over 300+ scientific conferences all over the world. OMICS Group journals could attract over 3 million readers, where 30,000 established scholars are in the editorial and reviewer Panel as members. OMICS Group is also having alliance with numerous international scientific societies across the world. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering with leading personalities in the scientific events.

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