Genetics & Molecular Biology Group

Inception of Graduatecentral.com is a variation in peer review process with an idea of “open peer commentary” or “open peer forum” where graduates can publish their innovative thoughts, sharp & excellent ideas, reports, novel hypothesis & opinions instantly without any time lag. Graduate Central aims at timely dissemination of graduates inventions and novel ideas around the globe. This makes all the graduates to add their contribution & share their opinion in the overflowing highly knowledge-filled scientific ocean.

Graduate Central conduits the reports to the scientific community by employing open peer-review process, where the reports are published immediately after the editor’s acceptance on the website, followed by post publication peer-review process, wherein the experts from all over the globe can access and post their comments for the betterment of the hypothesis, opinions & scientific reports. Thus, the peer-review process becomes a cyclic one where the revision and amendments are carried throughout. Multiple unrestricted opinions from the expert reviewers are going to improve the quality of the submitted reports & hypothesis and will also eradicate the bias of the existing peer review process.

Graduates of Genetics & Molecular Biology discipline are encouraged to publish innovative ideas & hypothesis in the international platform. The reports in this section broadly cover Genetics & Molecular Biology, Gene regulation & expression, Molecular and Gene therapy etc. under medical sciences. Budding Graduates can publish their novel hypothesis & project reports at the global platform where different experts from the concerned field can openly comment and discuss their different opinions, to enhance the clarity & quality of the report.
The rapid and editorial bias free publishing system will aid the readers to access and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the scientific society.

The initiative not only enhances the innovative excellent ideas & reports but also encourages and acknowledges the Graduates. Each and every contribution will be analyze & assessed by the experts & editorial board member of the related OMICS journals & the best top five graduates with complete waiver along with travel allowance to attend any of the OMICS group conferences organized, in their respective continent.

OMICS International is a pioneer publisher running over 500+ cutting-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organized over 300+ scientific conferences all over the world. Scientific information through OMICS Group journals attracted over 3 million readers and 30,000 excellent scholars participating as editorial and reviewer board members. OMICS Group is also having alliance with 1000+ international scientific societies & also conducts 500+ Workshops and 200+ Symposiums all over the globe. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering spearheading personalities in the scientific events.

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