Dental & oral Health

To overcome prolong delays in timely publication of recent research topics through a conventional peer review process which seemed to be cumbersome and time consuming, Graduatecentral.com is a novel initiative offering immediate publication of research outcomes from graduates all over the world followed by an expert open peer review process. Open access and open peer review process enable the publication for unrestricted access worldwide.

The platform offers a forum of peer reviewed journals that allows all researchers to share their knowledge and information in their respective subjects. Open peer review process will accelerate to avoid the bias of traditional time consuming review process. Dental and oral health being an important discipline of medical science for graduates demands rapid publishing of new ideas.

Graduates of Dental Sciences discipline are encouraged to publish innovative ideas in the international platform. The research in this section broadly covers preventive dentistry, pediatric dentistry, community dentistry, geriatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral pathology, TMJ disorders, implantology, cariology, periodontology, epidemiology, health services research, practice management etc. under Dental sciences. Quick publication and open discussion will enhance the clarity and information dissemination of a specific topic. The rapid and editorial bias free publishing system will aid the readers to access and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the scientific society. Excellent submissions are also eligible for special awards.

All published reports in Graduatecentral.com will be assessed by the experts around the globe and the best 5 research/contributions will be allowed to participate in the related OMICS Group Conferences.

OMICS International organizes 1000+ events that include 300+ scientific conferences, 400+ National Symposia, and 300+ workshops every year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies. It also publishes 500+ open access journals which contain over 30,000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members and 3 million readers.

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