Clinical Research

Research scholars aim to publish their valuable output and research experiences within no time in a concise format. The traditional peer review protocol demands immense patience of the researcher to get their outstanding work published. Research scholars with excellent track record need not wait anymore for the publication. Graduatecentral.com, pioneering initiatives of OMICS Publishing Group offers the best platform for publication and discussion of their scientific research and data in an open access manner. In this paradigm shifting effort, research students will be allowed to publish their original articles instantly with a novel perspective. The published articles could be accessed by the global experts of the respective subjects and their valuable review comments are made available. This will simplify the process of publication by removing the bias of present peer review system. Constant open review process enriches the quality of the articles. Article contribution from the graduates all over the world will be considered and published immediately followed by an open peer review.

Open peer review system and open access journals benefit the global scientific community as they offer the dais for knowledge and information sharing, while discussing research outcome globally. Traditional peer review system never allows anyone other than the editor, author(s) and reviewer to discuss the quality of the submitted manuscript, therefore, remains deficient in further improving the merit of an article as a whole. Multiple opinions with constructive criticism are the major beneficial point of the open access model. A vast section of students, researchers and faculty members are barred from accessing the quality publications due to subscription restriction. Open access system altered this trend and made information and knowledge for all a reality.

Graduatecentral.com enhances the research collaboration facilities for the vibrant young talents in the medical and clinical sciences globally. This section of Graduatecentral.com publishes articles relevant to the clinical sciences encompassing Cardiology, Oncology, Diabetology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Cancer Biology, Anesthesiology, Medical ethics, Clinical Microbiology etc.  Authors are responsible solely for their contribution and data sharing in this publication format. This transparent and bias free editorial and publication model promotes a stream of knowledge and information effectively.

OMICS journal editorial board members assess the contributions and the best 5 articles contributed will be selected to participate and present in the related OMICS Group Conferences with travel allowance/scholarship.

OMICS Group is a leading publisher hosting over 500 leading-edge peer reviewed, Open Access journals and organized over 300scientific conferences across the world. It attracts over 3 million readers and 30,000 scholars as editorial and reviewer board members established OMICS as the leading publishing group. OMICS Group is associated with several international scientific societies across the world. OMICS Group Conferences provide a perfect platform for global networking by attracting eminent personalities in the scientific events.

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