Chemical Engineering

Graduate central is a new initiative for the Chemical Engineering graduates to share their knowledge with the veteran scientific community. Graduate Central offers students to publish their work instantly online that undergoes an open peer review process. The uploaded document attracts the attention of the expert’s reviewers across the globe and receives suggestions, revisions and critical comments to enrich the report substantially.

The process of open peer review improves quality of the review process and the manuscript. The better way to describe open peer review process is that, the names of author and reviewers are known to each other. It is a transparent review process, where the entire review process is open including the original manuscript.

OMICS Group is glad to announce that the outstanding graduate contributors selected from graduate central will be given a chance to attend the OMICS International Conferences held in their respective places/continent free of cost.

OMICS Publishing Group is a pioneer publisher with over 500 cutting-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organizes over 300scientific conferences, 400 National Symposiums and more than 300 Workshops all over the world. With a strong team of 30,000scholars as editorial and reviewer board members, OMICS Group journals enjoy over 3 millionreaderships. OMICS Group has tie-ups with numerous international scientific societies across the world. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering spearheading personalities in the scientific events.

Submit your innovative thoughts at submissions@graduatecentral.com