Agri, Aqua, Food and Veterinary

Young researchers and graduates are always the source of new ideas and innovations. As the world is becoming more of idea driven rather than money driven, people with brilliant ideas are more sought after in any field. These blossoming, graduate idea units do need a platform to exhibit their innovation and talent. Towards this endeavor the Graduatecentral.com is going to be a unique fulcrum from OMICS publishing group to provide eclectic opportunities for the graduate students worldwide. This platform provides the graduates an opportunity to publish, share, disseminate, and ponder over their ideas online after originality check followed by open peer review system by experts in the concerned field. Because traditional double blind namby-pamby peer review system is always prone for editorial or reviewers bias. Due to this most of the novel ideas or hypotheses are nipped in the bud. To avoid this OMICS publishing group time and again stands as the back bone with scientific and graduate community.

Open peer review system and open access journals  are going to benefit scientific and graduate communities immensely worldwide. It can be briefly explained as follows. Graduate submits an idea or hypothesis manuscript and it undergoes quality check by relevant editorial board member from the related journal from OMICS. In couple of days it will be immediately published online with authors name URL. After this process either publisher invites peer reviewers or author can invite peer reviewers from relevant research field. Here a window of opportunity opens up to critically review, criticize and improve published thought process. All this process is done openly and transparently. This can help in the continued evolution, improvement or renovation of the published manuscript.

The Graduatecentral.com will be the Holy Grail of international scientific and graduate community for exchange of ideas, alliances, in the field of Agri, aqua, food and veterinary research. Graduate central is hosting different areas in which Agri, aqua, food and veterinary research is interested to publish in the areas incorporating Crop science, Agro technology, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Hydrology, Ocean resources, Nutrition and Food processing, Probiotics, Veterinary and Dairy technologies etc. Impacting multidisciplinary research will be covered not exclusively limiting to the above areas of study. A research idea, hypothesis proposal content or data will be the sole responsibility of an author. Publisher quality checks before online publication and does not responsible for controversies involved in the publication. Speedy publication, transparent peer reviewing system and open confab immensely helps the author, scientific community and enthusiastic readers alike.  

All the published graduate contributions will be evaluated by respective OMICS journal editorial board subject experts and the best top 5 manuscripts will be selected. These top 5 graduates will be invited to participate in the relevant OMICS group Conferences in their continent and travel, food allowances will be provided.

OMICS Group is a pioneer with 500+ cutting-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals and organizes over 300+ scientific conferences world over. Scientific information through Omics Group journals attracted over 3 million readers and 30,000 excellent scientists participating as editorial and reviewer board members. OMICS Group is also having alliance with numerous international scientific societies across the world. Conferences organized by OMICS Group render excellent podium for world-wide networking and gathering of scientists.

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