About Graduate Central

Graduate central is a global, transparent and immediate publication arena which introduces students to research world and the scientific community. This platform also offers immediate publication of their scientific ideas through the open peer review process where the work of the critic is also acknowledged and shared. Though the process is less time consuming than the traditional publishing practices, it is transparent and follows expert scientific opinion. Immediate publication on an open access platform essentially avoids long delays before novel ideas become visible at the same time nurturing young minds in the field of research.  

We encourage students to share information in the form of observation articles, case reports, findings, variable results etc. These will be processed through the “open peer review process” ensuring complete transparency thereby overcoming the bias of traditional peer review process. Alongside the benefits of publishing scientific findings on a global platform, we have an attractive offer for the best possible research work submitted to our journals. Top five research articles will be selected from each category, and their respective contributors will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet stalwarts in their fields by participating in International Conferences – 2015 continent wise.